Errupted and incontinence voiding of urine. where can i buy viagra Bladder prolapse is a type of bladder disorder where bladder becomes partially positioned outside the abdomen. This happens because after the childbirth, muscles of vagina go through intense pressure and these walls stretch, or at times, tear. viagra over the counter south africa Though after childbirth, the vagina heals, the original strength is never regained and the bladder slips out of these weak vagina walls. In sever cases the bladder must be repositioned and supported by surgery. buy viagra without prescription Interstitial cystitis is another kind of bladder disorder, which is chronic and painful inflammation of bladder wall. The bladder pain and spasms are aggravated due to stress, but real causes are still not very clear. buy generic viagra People might feel pressure, discomfort, intense pain or tenderness in the pelvic and bladder area. The cause of interstitial cystitis is unknown so treatment consists of treating the symptoms only. Bladder stones are quite common and are caused by change in the acidity of the urine. Bladder stones also develop if urine is stagnated in the bladder due to blind pouch. cheap generic viagra Small masses of minerals build up in your bladder irritating the wall of the bladder. Bladder stones usually pass on their own but surgery may be required. viagra generic Bladder disorder in children causes bed-wetting, which is more common in boys. The initial treatment includes urine test to detect any infection, x-rays to determine urine flow, post-void residual measurement, and ultrasound to detect any kind of serious problem in kidneys or bladder. Children with more complex problems need more invasive urodynamic tests. typical cost viagra Always consult your doctor before using this information. This article is nutritional in nature and is not to be construed as medical advice. There are three main symptoms of oab: urgency, frequency and urge incontinence. The people suffering from oab need to urinate more frequently, they do not get enough sleep as they need to wake up several times during night to empty their bladder. Information about the author: david cowley has created numerous articles on bladder problems. viagra natural replacement He has also created a web site dedicated to bladder problems and how to tr. can i buy viagra legally online lowest price for viagra