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Peter Pepper 

VARISTY features a classic silhouette with 1-1/2” square profile legs and q 1” apron.  It is available in 2 heights and a variety of top sizes in both laminate and veneer.

NIK’s minimal design complements a range of environments and applications making it the perfect desk from the workplace to the home office.  Easily arranged into desking applications or individual workstations, each Nik retains its own rigidity, and allows for simple scalability


New TRANSLUCENT COLLECTION is inspired by natural onyx and has a composition of 93% natural quartz.  The versatile material allows light to move through the surface and can be used for countertops, wall cladding, partitions or many other indoor applications.



AAVA continues to grow with new barstool options available for use with the wood, polypropylene or upholstered shells.

PARENTESIT is a acoustic wall module is available in 3 shapes that can stand alone or be paired together.


TRYG offers a unique and artful statement in conference and collaboration areas.  Choose from a wide palette of both top and base materials available in standard conference and standing height.


The SLIDE collection includes lounge seating, stools, benches, ottomans and occasional tables for flexible spaces.

JUMPSEAT EMERGE creates a multi-functional room by transforming an open event space into a sleek JumpSeat auditorium in a matter of minutes. This engineered system can be installed in under 12” of total height, making it a unique choice to incorporate in any building elevation plan.